Welcome To QUEST Geophysical Asia

PT Quest Geophysical Asia is an established service company to the Oil & Gas sector in Indonesia. Formed in 2005 by seasoned professionals, it has gone from providing Quality Control personnel/teams to full-service seismic acquisition projects to a supplier of materials & equipment. Along the way, it has formed a valuable team of experienced personnel with high quality equipment, more than capable of holding sway over larger, more established companies in Indonesia.

We bring a wealth of experience to project management, operations, data processing, cost control, material services and community relations. At QUEST, we are confident that we can meet your cost expectations and budget targets by drawing on the exceptional capabilities of our management and personnel. QUEST has it all covered!.

Our staff has worked extensively world-wide over the past 30 years in :

Indonesia                                  Brunei

Malaysia                                    Pakistan

Philippines                                Thailand

Laos                                          Europe

South America                          North America